Friends of Eyethu Careers Point (ECP)

(Eyethu is the Xhosa word for ‘our’.  Go to the ‘Contact us and how ECP came about‘ page)  more information)

Friends of ECP ‘s aim: to  support Eyethu Careers Point (ECP) to achieve its mission.

ECP’s mission is two-fold:

  • To provide a platform from which to campaign for social justice for the disadvantaged young people of South Africa, in terms of equal education, careers planning and post- school opportunities: see DIALOGUE SESSIONS
  • To provide workshops for the disadvantaged young people of those communities, including townships, where unemployment is rife.


Poor education and misleading impressions are just some of the many barriers that these young people have to consider when they plan and prepare for their careers. ECP’s workshops have been developed so that they have a strong platform from which to apply for employment, training, further or higher education.  They will therefore have more chance of avoiding the poverty and despair which makes them so vulnerable to the drug, gang and crime cultures that now pervade their communities.

How? Through its workshops:

Township Musicians:  look at our  Tapestries for Townships page

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Sue Doyle

Our workshops can help the youth of Cape Town’s townships beat poverty!