Friends of Eyethu Careers Point (ECP)

Friends of ECP  supports Eyethu Careers Point’s project whose aim it is to help the young people in the townships reach their potential.

Eyethu Careers Point is a grassroots township non-profit organisation, whose purpose is to deliver workshops specifically designed to help young people to learn about themselves and the world around them .  They then become more able to make career decisions  that benefit themselves, their communities and their country.

The workshops are for those young people who have:
  • Have finished their secondary or tertiary education but have not been able to take their next step.  See:indibano Workshops
  • who have dropped out of school for a variety of reasons.  See:   The Acorn program
Where:  in township community centres/libraries, or in Western Cape’s own Camp resorts, for the week-long INDIBANO workshop sessions

Cape Town’s townships are beset by crime, gang and drug cultures.   Help these young people learn  that they can build safer and more rewarding futures for themselves.

Friends of ECP seeks to assist the project by raising funds, providing workshop materials and training.  For more information as to how Friends of ECP came about see: How we came about

If you wish more information about how Friends of ECP seeks to do this, please go to the Contact us page.

Township Musicians:  look at our  Tapestries for Townships page


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Sue Doyle

Our workshops can help the youth of Cape Town’s townships beat poverty!