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How ECP came about

Eyethu Careers Point (ECP) was initially established with the aim of addressing the lack of career guidance in township high schools.  The founder of Eyethu, Sue Doyle, discovered that career guidance was preserved only for the “brighter” or “smarter” learners.  This, she discovered when she volunteered as a careers advisor in one of the township high schools in Cape Town.  The majority of the South African township schools have no career guidance except those in its  Life Orientation (Personal and Social Development) classes, often taught by those with little interest.

It became clear that a number of township citizens were also very concerned, and together with Sue, they sought to find a solution. Since they all realised that to tackle the problem in schools was too immense a problem for one small NPO to solve, Eyethu Careers Point was registered with the idea of setting up ‘Career Points’ in the townships, providing its services to all citizens. However, again this was, financially and practically, a challenge too far and a more down to earth and yet very effective solution had to be found. The INDIBANO, BE YOUR OWN BOSS and ACORN workshops came into being, along with the DIALOGUE SESSIONS, as a means of providing a platform for the campaign to gain access to socio-economic justice.

Our workshops can help the youth of Cape Town’s townships beat poverty!