The Chairperson, Sue Doyle, and the CEO, Dumisani Gabula, met with a number of the Candidates who had taken part in October’s Indibano Session, held at the Blue Waters Resort.

They were very positive about INDIBANO and very keen that the workshops should be available for other young people.  One asked when INDIBANO was going to be held for young men in their community, and all seemed to think that more sessions should be held.

Generally the discussion proved to be  an interesting exercise, with the following questions being posed,  The answers are also given:

How did you enjoy INDIBANO?

“It was great because we got to learn new things we didn’t know”

“I enjoyed it in a way that I’ve learnt so much about career choice and decisions to make towards your future”

“It was great and I’ve learnt so many things”

“It helped me a lot because I’ve gained some knowledge about do’s and don’ts”

“The camp was so amazing in so much way that I gained so much knowledge”

 What did you gain from the workshops?

“Because you need to be presentable in a workplace and also work as a team with time management”

“I gained a lot working with different types of people, doing practical work and knowing what you want in life”

“Knowledge about your career choice, know everything, what is expected of you and professionalism”

“I gained knowledge of the work we were taught and from the exercises we were doing”

“I learnt that without teamwork the struggle will be too much. You have to be able to work with people”

Let us know your suggestions

“Would like to suggest a mentor for each of us, so that we can have one on one talk about careers”

“My suggestion is that the workshops must happen again because it helped me and it must also help others”

“My suggestion would be that we should have those so much more often to develop our youth with skills so that they become better in (the) further (future?)”

Tapestries for Townships

One of the ‘Tapestries for Townships’ has been selected forThe Threads Exhibition, to be held in the Dundas Gallery in Edinburght in March. 

The tapestry, titled “Holding it all together”, shows  a lady among the shacks with her baby on her back and her shopping on head. 

This one is particularly dedicated to those township ladies whose courage keeps their families together in impoverished and difficult circumstances.

Our first ‘INDIBANO’ (Xhosa for Meeting) Session

Took place 21st – 25th October at Blue Waters Camp Resort!

Well done, Dumisani, Belinda, Anele and all the girls from Langa and Khaylitsha.
May your hard work bring you success

Recent happenings!

We made £1130 through selling woven tapestries at our exhibition in Tayport Harbour Cafe, in Fife.  Brilliant!

The three boxes of workshop material donated by WorkNet International were delivered to South African Removals down in the depth of Wiltshire – took some finding, but  hey, they are being delivered for free!


8th May 2018

At last our cause of supporting ECP in its drive to provide workshops that will help the young people of Cape Town’s townships to reach their potential.

Last month we were awarded a small grant by the Souter Foundation and now the Just Trust has given us their support by awarding a grant payment! Wow!


Our workshops can help the youth of Cape Town’s townships beat poverty!