ECP’s INDIBANO & ACORN workshops

INDIBANO workshops are an adaptation of the ‘WORKNET’ workshops,developed in the US by WorkNet International Inc. to assist young people who were thought to have significant barriers to overcome before they could reach their potential. INDIBANO (the Xhosa word for ‘meeting’) workshops have been adapted to suit the young people from the townships, who have a significantly different cultural background to those ‘Candidates’ for whom the workshops were created. However the same approach is used:

  • To know themselves in more depth, so that they can understand what they really want and don’t want from a job or career
  • To learn more about the world in which they seek to enter – commonly called the ‘Business Culture’, so they can improve their chances of achieving their aim
  • To devise a career path to reach that aim,

The ACORN  program is aimed at those young people of school age, who, for whatever reason, are not attending.    Its main purpose is to improve their employability skills: communication, teamwork and decision-making etc. Our feasibility study in 5 township schools showed us that helping the young people to develop their communication skills was essential, prior to developing the other skills required for post-school opportunities.

Our workshops can help the youth of Cape Town’s townships beat poverty!