ECP’s INDIBANO workshops

INDIBANO is the Xhosa word for ‘meeting’.  Specifically designed to assist those  who have significant barriers to overcome, these workshops have been adapted to suit the young people from the townships in helping them to:

  • Know themselves in more depth, so that they can understand what career or job would really suit their personality, aptitudes and abilities
  • Learn more about the world in which they seek to enter – commonly called the ‘Business Culture’, so they can improve their chances of achieving their aim
  • Devise a career path to reach that aim:

To be all they can be!


“Because you need to be presentable in a workplace and also work as a team with time management”

“I gained a lot working with different types of people, doing practical work and knowing what you want in life”

“Knowledge about your career choice, know everything, what is expected of you and professionalism”

“I gained knowledge of the work we were taught and from the exercises we were doing”

“I learnt that without teamwork the struggle will be too much. You have to be able to work with people”

The candidates suggestions:

“Would like to suggest a mentor for each of us, so that we can have one on one talk about careers”

“My suggestion is that the workshops must happen again because it helped me and it must also help others”

“My suggestion would be that we should have those so much more often to develop our youth with skills so that they become better in (the) further (future?)”