Let’s look at the place where our young people live!

It’s hard for young people who live in the townships to work out their futures for a world outside their township.  The project will help them to see the opportunities that are available outside their boundaries.

The townships are all different but in some ways are all the same.  Take Langa Township: it has roughly the same unemployment statistics as other townships such as Khayelitsha and Gugulethu and it certainly has the terrible deprivation that is so particularly obvious in the informal settlement of Joe Slovo.

But although many whites consider entry into Langa with some trepidation, it is not in the top five of those Cape Flats townships with the worst record for murders in the country, let alone South Africa. It does appear to have the same notoriety for its gangs and drug-related crimes as do Mitchell’s Plain, Gugulethu and Khayelitsha. That being so, the township’s community is still very aware of the presence of these social ills and their attraction for schoolchildren and the young unemployed who have little hope in a secure productive future.

It’s ECPs intention to give them the tools that will help them to consider the alternatives and enable them to take advantage of the opportunities that are available to them in Cape Town and South Africa.
Carrying baby and shopping in the Township:look at our  Tapestries for Townships page

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Our workshops can help the youth of Cape Town’s townships beat poverty!