What is the challenge that faces the townships?

Social commentators continually report that nowhere is poverty, disparity, and resultant hopelessness more evident than in the townships.

ECP recognises that parents, without sufficient information, are often anxious about their children’s futures, knowing that unemployment can lead to the hopelessness and vulnerability to the gang, crime and drugs cultures which beset the townships.

In May 2017, the World Bank’s overview of South Africa described the country as remaining a dual economy with one of the highest inequality rates in the world, perpetuating both inequality and exclusion.

Nationally the youth unemployment rate is close to 50% nationally and reported to 65.4% in the Western Cape. Township schoolchildren are unable to compete with their more fortunate peers who have effective careers guidance and resources. Their parents also often lack the necessary knowledge, frequently considering unrealistic aspirations.

Dr Rene Ferguson, Witwatersrand University’s Professor of Life Orientation (the means by which careers information/guidance is delivered) admitted that there was an over-reliance on textbooks and no attempt to use other resources.”

The ACORN can  provide such a resource.

Shopping in the Township: look at our  Tapestries for Townships page

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Supporting the work of ECP in providing careers guidance to the young and the unemployed of the Townships of Cape Town